1. Wet 20

"Wet 20" is a down-home, upbeat bluegrass/country/Americana tune about a rafting trip gone wrong. The shuffling drums, playful dobro & mandolin give it rolling on a river feel.

Lucky Overton- Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Harmony Vocals, Electric Bass,
Steve Botterweg- Drums
Mike Ellis- Squeeze Box
Rand Anderson- Mandolin, Dobro & B3 Hammond Organ
Sally Botterweg- Harmony Vocals

Engineering/Production Credits

All songs mastered by Joe Constantine-Austin, TX

Recorded & mixed by Steve Botterweg
at Multi-Purpose Recording Studio, Jerome, AZ and Produced by Lucky Overton & Steve Botterweg *Track 6 recorded live in the basement of The Old Jerome High School

*All Rand Anderson Tracks Recorded and produced by Rand Anderson at Pumphouse Records, Los Angeles, CA/ Flagstaff, AZ

All songs by Mike Reisinger Copyright 2022 BMI


Wet 20

Well here I sit on your barstool,
digging through a soggy wallet.
I may not look rich, but I got a wet twenty
and I’m buying beers for all my friends.
You see last week we all just had a good feeling
to grab an oar and head out that door.
Not a one of us had any idea,
just what it was that we were in for.
Well we lost our drinking water
when we hit some rocks and a raft tipped over.
Pissed off a rancher when we tried to make a campfire,
I don’t know how things could get much worse.
Till it started raining with a constant cloud cover
for days, we didn’t see the sun.
It wasn’t long before some of us had to wonder
just a thinking that the river had won.

Maybe I’m a fool to go with you,
but I’m not wasting my life.
If you wanna leave my ass here,
go ahead, but we might not make it back.

Just a small band of troopers
kept on rowing till the daylight’s end.
We set that camp up just to tear it all down
and then we’d head on out and do it again.


Well soon that water got deeper,
and the sun came out to say hey.
Saw a bald eagle flying thirty feet above me
man don’t it feel so good to be free.
Well I can see you’re not an eager bartender
but mam, I know who I am.
Caus’ after fighting for my life on that river,
how can I not feel like a man?


All lyrics and songs copyright 2022 M. Reisinger BMI