"Watch Your Back" is a dark, bluesy tune about feeling trapped in a doomed relationship with a lady who has an extremely jealous ex-boyfriend. The screaming slide guitar and dirty blues harmonica add to its overall wickedness.

Lucky Overton-Acoustic Guitars, vocals, noise & feedback
Rafe Sweet- Bass & Brushes
“Big” Jon Myers- Harmonica
Kristin Straka- Fiddle
Karna Otten-“Banshee” Background Vocals
Ben Tillman- Slide Guitar
Rand Anderson- Hammond B3 Organ, Electric Guitar

Engineering/Production Credits

All songs mastered by Joe Constantine-Austin, TX

Recorded & mixed by Rafe Sweet at Stepping Stone Studios, Flagstaff, AZ
and produced by Lucky Overton & Rafe Sweet

*All Rand Anderson Tracks Recorded and produced by Rand Anderson at Pumphouse Records, Los Angeles, CA/ Flagstaff, AZ

All songs by Mike Reisinger Copyright 2022 BMI


Watch Your Back

You gotta watch your back
while you’re sneaking around,
hide your head in this mountain town.
You say you’re sorry for making things worse
so you’re headed south west.
You want a piece of me, boy
but there ain’t much left.

You gotta watch your back
cause trouble’s going down.
Soon as you leave town,
everybody’s screwing around.
Your nosy sister’s sniffing down the road
wearing her mother’s clothes.
She wants to run over me, oh yeah
but she’s a way too slow.

You can see that we are going nowhere fast.
At her expense, no not mine.

You gotta watch your back
while you’re living this life.
My mama always had this good advice:
she said, “Son, you never try to cross this road
until you look both ways.
And you should always be yourself,
even if you scare em’ away.” Yeah.

You can see that we are going nowhere fast.

All lyrics and songs copyright 2022 M. Reisinger BMI